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LEED diversion credit focuses on diverting waste from landfills by finding multiple alternatives for end uses of the waste, namely recycling, reuse on site, donation for reuse on another site, or resale. All of these diversion methods count towards credit compliance—50% construction waste diverted for one point, 75% for two points.

There are two different approaches to recycling construction and demolition waste: separating materials at the source (onsite), or commingling them and sending them to an off-site waste sorting facility. Either approach can work well. Your choice will depend on whether there is room for sorting onsite, whether the contractor is willing to take that on, and if there are good sorting facilities nearby.

While single stream (co-mingling) solutions are not available for large commercial projects in the oklahoma city metro area, with our special LEED pricing structure, we help eliminate the "CONS" of onsite sorting costs, helping to make LEED a smart choice.