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At Division One Disposal, we're dedicated to providing the best customer service within the Oklahoma City Metro Area. We provide roll offs and dumpsters in Oklahoma City and surrounding cities.

We believe in the PERSONAL TOUCH.

We know exactly what it takes to complete an amazing building.  Our role in that process is to make sure you have the space available to safely move about your site.  We fulfill our role by placing our roll offs in Oklahoma CIty area and dumpsters in Oklahoma City Area where you need them for the easiest access by your team and then dumping and redelivering them promptly at your request to ensure that your project is not interrupted. Your waste management is our specialty.

We believe in TRANSPARENCY OF BILLING.  What we quote, we invoice.  We will NEVER quote you a price per dump and then add a bunch of incidental charges like environmental fees, fuel surcharges, administrative fees, etc.  All our incidentals are already included in our quoted per dump price.  There will NEVER be any surprises on your invoice.

For Waste Management in Oklahoma City, we are your best choice. We provide roll off containers in Oklahoma City and a 35 mile surrounding area within the waste management  industry.